Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Ramblin' where to begin..." - The Decemberists.

August is crashing to halt and I am having trouble remembering where the year went. I am also celebrating my 8th anniversary to Lovely Wife this weekend. So we head up to see our friends, and newly weds, Drs. Greenberg and Baden; or as we call them in the home, Drs. BadBerg. It has a ring to it. You must admit.

Well let's recap the month. I have been reading a book called The Cave for the month. I love it, but it has an odd writing convention and I feel like I am relearning to read. The story is ostensibly about art and family and capitalism and how the three things intersect. Awesome stuff. I can't wait to finish it so that I can finish up my books for my summer club and then start reading Blindness, which is being turned into a movie with Julieanne Moore.

On the movie front I feel like I saw a lot of shit, Journey to the Center of the Earth was entertaining, but thin; Mummy 3 was a disappointment even by my wildly low standards of what it should have been; I know I saw something else that was pathetic but it was so pathetic that I honestly can only remember that Death Race was one of the promos. Ohh... Hold on... It was Hell Boy, not bad actually, but not memorable... obviously.

However, all is not lost for the end of the summer movies. Tropic Thunder was a movie I went to only because I don't like people throwing morality down my throat and telling me what I should think is offensive. Apparently the head of the Special Olympics took offense to the portrayal of an actor playing a ret... umm... special needs person? in the film. So naturally I jumped right into line. I don't remember laughing so hard at a movie in a long time. RDJ was fantastic, Ben Stiller, who I usually don't like, was funny. Jack Black was Jack Black. But this is all old material. The stars of the movie for me were Matthew McConaghy as an agent and Tom Cruise in a fat suit as a Super Mogul. Tom Cruise earned a movie from me with his dancing alone.

That is how I am going to start doing movies. An actor/actress has to earn the next movie, by having a good role in a film. Mike Myers, for example, has to come out with another movie like Studio 54 before I will see a film of his, because the Austin Powers bits are getting tired. Tom Cruise dancing in a fat suit means that I am going to see something of his soon, same with Matthew McConaghy.

The last two movies I saw were Traitor and Elegy.

Traitor, starring Don Cheadle, is brilliant. Run don't walk to this movie. It is hard to describe what this movie is about. But it is a political thriller in the same style as Syriana. I love Don Cheadle and it should be noted that if he played a paper bag in a movie about a supermarket chain, I would be the first person in line.

Elegy, stars Ben Kingsley as an English professor who is unmarried, tom cattish, and aging. Penelope Cruz comes into his life and then things get turned on their heads. It was really heart warming and I will say that Ben Kingsley has earned enough movies that I just keep the account open and see the stuff he is in.

On an exercise front, I started logging my running distance using the website Map My Run and I am happy to report that I ran 20 miles in the last two weeks of August and I biked 8 miles yesterday (along with a 2 mile run) for a grand total of 28.5 miles logged. It feels pretty good. My pants are a little looser, not much but a little. I will take it, too.

Last thing, and this is my favorite thing. Sailing. I have been taking out the Laser at our club a lot lately, for one it is a boat that I can get moving. It is designed with heavier sailors in mind and I can hike out and really get that thing moving up wind. It is so much fun, but the workout you get in your core is excruciating and so I now have other things to work on.


Blogger Quin Browne said...

happy anniversary!!!

i spent a lot of time in the theaters this summer...

tropic thunder is a hoot, isn't it?

didn't like traitor, sorry.

pineapple express, another hoot.

death race..yea, well...umm

babylon, ad...someone had to see it, right?

bangkok express...see babylon, ad

still, i does love my movies!!

9/05/2008 10:11:00 PM  

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