Saturday, August 16, 2008

"I'm a new soul..." Yael Naim

In a completely untypical burst of autumn activity I have started running. Today I ran 3.4 miles. I have also started taking sailing lessons and am going to be going out a lot and sailing around the bay here in Providence.

Why all the activity? you ask. Well my step-dad wants to summit Mt. Rainier in August or September next year. He just broke his hip. I figure fuck this. If a man that just broke his hip can get in shape to summit a mountain, I can lose the weight I have to lose (about 75 pounds) to make it happen.

So I am running. I also have these push up things that were designed by a Navy Seal. You can tell that because they hurt like hell the next day. But I guess that is how you know it is working right? From the tingle and the inability to scratch your armpit.

Last night was a bit of a disappointment for me and sailing because the winds were actually too strong. In retrospect I am glad I didn't go out. I am not, after all, Dennis Conner.

I started work again which was a mixed bag, but I have been busy because I have a lot to do before Sept 15 when our season starts up.

Outside of that I am putting the finishing touches on my last two posts about the summer trip to Europe and I will include some links to a Flickr site (if I haven't already). It is taking me a little longer to get it finished because we spent more time in Reykjavik then we did in Copenhagen or Oslo and I had more of a mixed bag experience with it.

Last thing I want to say is that if you own a dog and you leave that dog at home when you go to restaurants, well... thank you. I hate, with a passion, people who bring dogs to patio style restaurants and let them roam all over the place sniffing and licking other patrons. Pets a personal choice, and you should leave them at home, or if you bring them with you to your favorite coffee shop, bakery, whatever. For god's sake tie them up. I can't get a person to spread peanut butter on a bagel for me because of people that are allergic to nuts, but people that suffer from pet allergies are screwed, because the shih tzu is cute. Blech.


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