Monday, August 18, 2008

"I am the pick in the ice, do not cry out or hit the alarm..." Radiohead

I took a trip with Lovely Wife down to Newport RI over the weekend to go and look at boats. While we were there we saw the Puma team, of the boat Il Mostro, working on the rigging and getting things geared up for a practice sail. The Volvo World Ocean race starts in October and they are one of the teams competing.

I am using that boat as inspiration for my working out. So today I ran 3.6 miles in town. I did it in about 30 minutes. I stepped out of the house at 6:40 and walked back in at 7:12. So the interesting thing to me is that I am running under a ten minute mile. That is pretty good for me I think, considering the last time I ran girls were yucky and the coolest thing ever was Rodimus Prime or a 1st. edition Snake Eyes, without the swivel arms.

The other even that I am using as my inspiration for this new burst of activity is THE ASSAULT ON MT. RAINIER! In my head I am using this as justification for walking up and running. I am thinking about it in Everestian terms, even though I know that like 3000 people summit Rainier a year. But next year I will be one of them and then from there, who knows maybe we will get all crazy and try and summit the five tallest US peaks or head to Europe. Why not. It isn't as crazy as it sounds.

Which leads me to my revelation from the weekend. At one point I said that I needed to start living in reality. But then the absurdity of it hit me. If I buy a boat and live on it and sail when I want to sail (that is what I was talking about just before the statement) then I am in fact living in reality. And there is nothing that prevents me from doing that, except me.

I have decided to run without the help of my iPod. I hope that Steve Jobs doesn't come and take it away from me now that I have said that. But part of the reason is that I can let my wander to far when I am listening to music. I feel like the goal of this should be to stay centered and present. To hear the footfall on the pavement and think about the feat that I am accomplishing with every step. I know it sounds hokey. But it got through 3.6 miles so I am going to take it.

Now I am going to stretch my back out, before it seizes.


Blogger Quin Browne said...

the one thing i loved about that odd film mel gibson did with helen hunt (what ever happened to her?) was the nike ad they did for women... the sound of her feet running in the ad.

i like to walk, and just...listen.

buy the boat.

we all should have our dream.

8/20/2008 04:13:00 PM  

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