Monday, February 19, 2007

My new favorite playwright... today.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt. He wrote two excellent plays which I have read and seen in The Physicists and The Visit(respectively). I highly recommend him to anybody that likes to read drama, and anybody who likes to think while they read.

I have been reading Somersault by Kenzaburo Oe lately and I am taken aback by how intense, mentally, this book seems to be to me. Every page is so filled with imagery and emotion and story that it feels like it has taken me 6 weeks to make a dent in it. Oh wait it has. Well I am now well over half way finished and I have hit a bit of a lull in the book and am having trouble with the chapter, but if I endure it will get better.

Last things last, I have a new post up on the sketchpad take a look and leave comments.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


New small bit up on my sketchpad. Marlowe's Sketch Pad

I realized the other night while I was beating the shit out of myself for not posting anything lately that I have been doing a ton of little snippet sized writing (a person in a coffee shop, a walk, a book cover, the way someone pours a cup of tea) and really ought to get some of it up so that I can get some feedback. So there is something new up.

I think that the hardest part of my taking any talent I may or may not have as a writer comes from the fact that for the better part of my life I have always considered myself a "Math and Science Guy" and that because I was a left brainer, or so I thought, creativity, in general, was never ever going to be my particular forte. But I think I am more right brained than I thought and I am trying to come to grips with it. Which is difficult and taxing and trying and somewhat earth shattering.

I would love to say one day that I am a writer but I just don't feel comfortable about it, because outside of some insane ramblings of people, or things I see which I find interesting, I don't really have the attention span to write much more than a couple of pages and I tend to lose focus, voice and tense really quickly.

I was working on something the other day and realized about 4 or 5 pages in that I was jumping back and forth so much (with reckless abandon) that I was getting a headache. In another story I was changing perspective, from 1st to 3rd person. I suppose the fact that I recognize that it is happening is a start, but it sure gets discouraging sometimes.

Anyway, any feedback you have would be much appreciated.