Saturday, September 27, 2008

"When there's little left to believe in..." -Stars

I don't think this is a big secret, I am generally disdainful when it comes to politics. The debate was on last night and I didn't watch it because I was at work. If I can catch it on youtube or something else then I will definitely watch it.

But I have this lingering feeling that the debates are just an effort to continue the pomp and circumstance of our political parade. I am more than a little curious to know how many people have already made up their minds about the election and going to watch the debates for the sole purpose of fueling the fires of their hatred for the other guy. I was reading an advice columnist who was asked whether he thought it was weird that Sarah Palin has a non-partisan attractiveness. (As an aside, I don't think I spent any time looking at her, I saw a picture of her and remember thinking about that company Glamour Shots that used to do portraits.) The columnist said that Palin didn't do anything for him and that he would be voting for Obama.

This was the day before the first of the debates.

So I am curious, we have this system where Democrats and Republicans campaign for so long that we feel like we know them come the election in November. It doesn't seem healthy.

I can't wait for this election to be over. I really can't. When I think about this stuff it makes the back of my eye twitch.