Friday, October 26, 2007

"What I need is a song to make love to." - Deep Blue Something

Hold on stop the presses. Did I honestly just reference a Deep Blue Something lyric as a title? Yes. Yes I did. And folks I am not proud. But here is the thing. I, along with the friends and family of the cast, was one of the 20 people who saw Bloodrayne. But I digress.

When I get into funky moods (which I am coming out of by the way) I listen to a lot of silly romantic music. Yesterday I was listening to George Harrison's "Breath Away From Heaven" and I made the bold claim to a girl named Elizabeth that works at Taqueria Pacifica that that song was won of the prettiest songs in the world and that if you didn't like it, or at least admit it was pretty, then you were a soulless wretch and I didn't want to know you; furthermore, I also made the claim that if I was going to be making a playlist to accompany a night of love making with my dream girl then this song would be on the my shortlist for that playlist.

She howled with laughter and then we decided all the bands that couldn't go on the list. Foreigner, Journey, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul and about another five or six. We made an exception of "Cold Hearted Snake"; which states, that if you are a girl and you are taking your dream lover from behind with a strap-on then "Cold Hearted Snake" is acceptable.

So anyway I started thinking about other songs to put on this playlist and, while I will not claim that this is a complete list, it is a good start towards a broader over arching list. Some of the choices are melodic, some are lyrical, and some are harmonic--John Popper is not on the list--but the thing to keep in mind is that they are good songs for one reason or another.

So without further ado, the list:

  1. Dean and Britta -- "Say Goodnight"
  2. The Guillemots -- "Annie, Let's Not Wait"
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven -- "Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor. 'Moonlight'"
  4. George Harrison -- "Breath Away From Heaven"
  5. Pete Townsend -- "Let My Love Open the Door"
  6. Keith Whitley -- "Don't Close Your Eyes"
  7. They Might Be Giants -- "She's an Angel"
  8. Sam Cooke -- "You Send Me"
  9. The Beach Boys -- "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
  10. Chris Isaak -- "Two Hearts"
  11. Maurice Ravel -- "Bolero"

That is a pretty good start I think. And it has a little something for everyone, even my friends Josh and Rachel, who for some reason like music that is on the exact opposite of the spectrum from each other. He likes shoe gazing, indie rock, and post punk; she like country. Luckily they like each other so yeah love trumps all.

Now this is not an exhaustive list--I mean obviously it is eleven tracks. Shit I could have put five Sam Cooke songs on there alone. So if you have anything that I missed let me know. Send in your response and why.

Last thing, I should probably apologize for Bolero, but I can't. If you have seen Blake Edwards' "10" than you probably of sex when you hear this song too. And yes it is cliche, but it is a great song, so it made the list.


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