Saturday, October 27, 2007

"...And I'm working undercover for the man." -They Might Be Giants

Lupo's, the concert venue that is across the street from my apartment building, is hosting "The Academy is..." tonight and the crowd outside is really hilarious.

It is all girls aged 17-19. Most of them are wearing jeans and vintage t-shirts (when I say vintage though I don't mean a t-shirt featuring Belly or Galaxie 500 or whatever on it, I mean a t-shirt that someone bought at Abercrombie or American Eagle that looks like it is five or ten years old. Most of them have pony tails and dark eye shadow and when the band came out to unload some of their equipment they let out a scream of delight.

Which got me thinking...

Do they still publish Tean Beat magazine? I know that when I was growing up if you ever made it into a girls room in high school there was a chance that you were going to be competing against Kirk Cameron, NKOTB, River Phoenix, the guys from 21 Jumpstreet, and maybe, just maybe Christian Slater.

I remember these gigantic posters that so daunting as a young guy, I mean, Christ, Jordan Knight was really imposing when his face was four feet tall.

And then, I was thinking about these little Emo bands (like these guys playing tonight, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and the rest) and I was wondering what the fuck they are told by their agents when they go on these shoots. Does their agent come call them up and lie about it. Or does he honestly say to them, "Alright guys, today we are going to be going down to the studio of Bop and Tiger Beat and they are going to do a photo shoot. Try to look alluring... It means mysteriously attractive... you know what just put on some of your chick jeans and one of those origami ball t-shirts and let's go. Fuck, I wish I never saw Jerry Maguire."

Anyway the silver lining to this is that tonight when I get out of work and walk home the streets will be teaming with teenage girls hopped up on Red Bull and Dr. Pepper.

Other news: I will be finished with The Dark is Rising tonight so look back tomorrow for my favorite things about the book. I am keeping a little notebook about it. It will be grand.


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